Permission to Evaporate

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RELEASE DATE: 19/09/2020
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ABC Music is proud to present the return of one of its most acclaimed artists - two-time ARIA Award winner and oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros.

For Permission to Evaporate, recorded in New York in March this year, Joseph is joined by a host of international jazz legends including Christian McBride (bass), Mike Stern (guitar) and Matt McMahon (piano), and by his long-time musical companion and brother James Tawadros (req and bendir).

Permission to Evaporate represents a new chapter in Tawadros` music-making. Perhaps his most emotionally charged offering yet, the album alternates from thrilling and furiously paced numbers to beautifully introspective and tranquil tracks. By collaborating with guest artists from across the musical world, Tawadros has produced an album that takes inspiration from a wide variety of styles and sounds from bluegrass to world, jazz to folk - all drawn together by Tawadros` trademark virtuosity and lyricism and by the stunning musicality of the oud.

Always charting new ground, both for the oud and for Australian music, Tawadros` new offering Permission to Evaporate is a significant new milestone in the career of one of Australia`s most talented musicians.

Track Listing:

1. Bluegrass Nikriz
2. Permission To Evaporate
3. Sleight Of Hand
4. Space In Time
5. Peace For My Father
6. Constantinople
7. Nomad`s Fear
8. Dreaming Hermit
9. Last Candle
10. Eye Of The Beholder
11. Wanderer
12. Leunig At Midnight
13. Kindred Spirits
14. Point Of Departure
15. Shared Memories
16. A Tear On Farewell

Joseph Tawadros oud
Christian McBride double bass
Matt McMahon piano
Mike Stern electric guitar
James Tawadros req and bendir

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