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RELEASE DATE: 17/02/2020
5 CD

ABC Classics releases a 5CD collection of the piano music of Percy Grainger, including music for solo piano, music for two pianos and four hands, and music for two pianos and six hands. The set features recordings made over the past 40 years, many of them world premieres and many newly transferred from vinyl and heard for the first time on CD in this collection.

Percy Grainger was one of the musical geniuses of the 20th century: a brilliant composer, a concert pianist of international renown, one of the first serious collectors of folk music, an innovator, inventor and visionary. The piano lay at the heart of his musical life, and this collection reveals his absolute mastery of the instrument and its infinite palette of colours and textures.

Pianist Leslie Howard brings his own genius to the music of Grainger in this 5CD collection of piano masterpieces, from popular favourites such as Country Gardens, Shepherd`s Hey, Molly on the Shore and Handel in the Strand, to the groundbreaking `Imaginary Ballet` score The Warriors, performed here with Geoffrey Parsons and David Stanhope in Grainger`s own arrangement for three pianists on two pianos.

Track Listing

Volume 1: Piano Solos
Leslie Howard piano
CD 1
1-4. Suite `In a Nutshell`:
I. Arrival Platform Humlet
II. Gay but Wistful
III. Pastoral
IV. `The Gum-Suckers` March
5. The Immovable Do (The Cyphering C)
6. In Dahomey
7. Walking Tune
8. Spoon River
9. My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
10. The Hunter in His Career
11. Hard-Hearted Barb`ra (H)ellen
12. Eastern Intermezzo
13. Children`s March `Over the Hills and Far Away`
14. Mock Morris

CD 2
1. Peace - Saxon Twiplay
2. Scotch Strathspey and Reel
3. Three Scotch Folksongs
4. Sailor`s Song
5. Blithe Bells [Bach]
6. Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) [Brahms]
7. Hornpipe [Handel]
8. Ramble on the Last Love-Duet in Richard Strauss` Opera `The Rose-Bearer`
9. The Man I Love [Gershwin]
10. Love Walked In [Gershwin]
11. Nell [Fauré]
12. Après un rêve [Fauré]
13. Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part [Dowland]

Volume 2: Piano Solos
Leslie Howard piano
1. Shepherd`s Hey
2. One More Day, My John
3. Sussex Mummers` Christmas Carol
4. Molly on the Shore
5. To a Nordic Princess
6. Handel in the Strand
7. Jutish Medley
8. Irish Tune from County Derry
9. Knight and Shepherd`s Daughter
10. Harvest Hymn
11. The Merry King
12. Colonial Song
13. Country Gardens

Volume 3: Piano Duos and Trios
CD 1: Two Pianos, Four Hands
Leslie Howard & David Stanhope pianos
1. Shepherd`s Hey
2. Hermundur IIIi
3. As Sally Sat-A-Weeping
4. Hill-Song No. 1
5. Hill-Song No. 2
6-9. Suite `In a Nutshell`:
I. Arrival Platform Humlet
II. Gay but Wistful
III. Pastoral
IV. `The Gum-Suckers` March
10. Children`s March `Over the Hills and Far Away`
11-16. Lincolnshire Posy:
I. Lisbon
II. Horkstow Grange
III. Ruffold Park Poachers
IV. The Brisk Young Sailor
V. Lord Melbourne
VI. The Lost Lady Found
17. English Waltz

CD 2: Two Pianos, Six Hands
Leslie Howard, David Stanhope & Geoffrey Parsons pianos
1. Jutish Medley
2. English Dance
3. Green Bushes
4. The Warriors (Music to an Imaginary Ballet) with Adelaide Brass Quintet and guests

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