Music of the English Renaissance - 1000 Years of Classical Music Vol. 4

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RELEASE DATE: 18/09/2020
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Music from England`s Golden Age: sublime sacred music soaring above intrigues of church and state, and intimate lute songs full of love and longing.

This album is part of 1000 Years of Classical Music - a series of 100 volumes charting the history of music to be released on ABC Classics. More information can be found at the project`s website;

Track Listing:

1. LAWES Royal Consort - Sett No. 2: Aire
2. BYRD O lux beata Trinitas
3. BYRD Justorum animae
4. TALLIS O nata lux de lumine
5. TAVERNER Dum transisset Sabbatum
6. SHEPPARD Libera nos
7. BYRD Haec dies
8-10. C. GIBBONS Fantasia-Suite No. 2
11. PHILIPS Tibi laus
12. WHITE Christe qui lux es et dies
13. DOWLAND Lachrimae
14. FERRABOSCO II Fly from the World
15. DOWLAND Lady Hunsdon`s Puffe
16. DOWLAND Come Again
17. MORLEY Will You Buy a Fine Dog?
18. DOWLAND Can She Excuse My Wrongs?
19. LUPO Fantasie in D minor
20. R. JOHNSON Have You Seen but a White Lily Grow?
21. DOWLAND In Darkness Let Me Dwell
22. ANONYMOUS Greensleeves

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