Grainger: 1000 Years of Classical Music Vol. 83

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RELEASE DATE: 18/09/2020
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As well as drawing inspiration from the folk tunes of the past, Percy Grainger was a true original, an innovator of extreme proportions - and Australia`s first international pop star.

This album is part of 1000 Years of Classical Music - a series of 100 volumes charting the history of music to be released on ABC Classics. More information can be found at the project`s website 1000 Years of Classical Music.

Track Listing:

1. Mock Morris
2. The Immovable `Do` (The Ciphering `C`)
3. Molly on the Shore (Irish Reel)
4. Country Gardens
5. Scotch Strathspey and Reel
6. I`m Seventeen Come Sunday
7. Colonial Song
8. Handel in the Strand (Clog Dance)
9. The Nightingale and The Two Sisters
10. The Power of Rome and the Christian Heart
11. Brigg Fair
12. Early One Morning
13. Shallow Brown
14. Irish Tune from County Derry
15. Dreamery
16. Blithe Bells (Free Ramble on `Sheep May Safely Graze` by JS Bach)
17. Shepherd`s Hey (Morris Dance)

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