Verdi: La Traviata (Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour)

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RELEASE DATE: 07/04/2020

La traviata, one of the world`s best-loved romantic operas, is performed under the stars on a floating, mirrored stage on Sydney Harbour, with the city, Opera House and Harbour Bridge as stunning backdrop.

Emma Matthews thrills as the courtesan Violetta who, against her better judgment, falls in love with Alfredo (dazzling Italian tenor Gianluca Terranova). But their relationship is doomed on two counts: Violetta`s illness, and society`s moral views of a courtesan`s place within their world. With a colossal, glittering Swarovski chandelier illuminating the stage and fireworks embellishing the night sky, this is a La traviata without equal.

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