Complete Recordings On Deutsche Grammophon (Limited Edition)

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Deutsche Grammophon
RELEASE DATE: 31/08/2018
60 CD Set
"The Berliner Philharmoniker elects its own conductor: after Karajan’s death they chose Claudio Abbado – and that mattered. He rejuvenated the orchestra, expanded its repertoire, and created a less autocratic atmosphere, inspiring levels of commitment and communication from his musicians that resulted in performances and recordings that stand the test of time. Abbado’s tenure with the Berlin Philharmonic can be considered as one of the highlights in the orchestra’s history and many of their recording together still remain unsurpassed on record. DG celebrates this partnership with a 60-CD limited edition collection of their complete recordings – many classics right from the start. LIMITED EDITION.
""Abbado has left a glorious indelible mark … a modest, unassuming but tenaciously demanding orchestral leader” Archivmusic"