Birdsong At Dusk

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ABC Classics
RELEASE DATE: 04/07/2014
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William Barton is one of Australia’s leading didgeridoo players and composers. Birdsong at Dusk fuses the Aboriginal tradition of the didgeridoo with Western classical music. 'I was inspired to write Birdsong at Dusk at a friend's beach house in far north-western Queensland,' says Barton. 'The waves of the ocean were floating upon the sand while the birds were singing their song. With a piano close to the verandah, I began to write: overlooking the inlet on a low tide, the sun drifting to meet the sky, I listened to the birdsong at dusk.'
1. Barton: Birdsong At Dusk 0:11:34
Artist: Vocals and Didgeridoo: William Barton/Kurilpa String Quartet

2. Barton: Improvisation 0:04:23
Artist: Vocals and Didgeridoo: William Barton
Vocals: Delmae Barton/Kurilpa String Quartet
Violin: John Rodgers

3. Barton: Petrichore 0:11:52
Artist: Vocals: William Barton
Kurilpa String Quartet

4. Barton: 7/8 Not Too Late 0:03:33
Artist: Vocals: William Barton

5. Barton: Dreamtime Duet 0:02:32
Artist: Vocals: William Barton
Vocals: Delmae Barton

6. Barton: Didge Fusion 0:07:36
Artist: Guitar, Didgeridoo and Vocals: William Barton
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