Brahms: Violin Concerto; Overtures; Alto Rhapsody

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RELEASE DATE: 16/07/2007
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Brahms’ Violin Concerto comes from the same period as his Second Symphony, with which, in sprit, it has much in common. A similar serenity and insistence on carefully balanced form pervades both works. The first performance of the work was given in Leipzig on New Year’s Day 1879. The concerto is in three movements and, as one would expect from Brahms, it shows little trace of the Romantic tendencies towards the rhapsodic ‘free’ form that was the trend during the mid-nineteenth century. Instead it is constructed firmly on the admittedly flexible principles of the Classical concerto, although its musical content – the style and the treatment of its themes – is clearly Romantic.
Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77*
Academic Festival Overture
Tragic Overture
Rhapsody for alto, chorus & orchestra, Op. 53**

Arthur Grumiaux, violin*
Aafje Heynis, contralto**
Royal Male Choir ‘Apollo’**
Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam
Eduard van Beinum
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