Collective Wisdom (Hush 18)

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ABC Classics
RELEASE DATE: 10/08/2018
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"Developed to reduce the stress and anxiety felt by young patients and their families in hospitals, the Hush music collection transforms that difficult environment with carefully curated music from some of Australia’s foremost musicians, and is now played in hospitals and homes across the globe. Twelve composers contributed to this album, including Elena Kats-Chernin, Matthew Hindson, Rachel Bruerville and Stuart Greenbaum. The music is honest and heartfelt, acknowledging the fears and anxieties of the hospital experience yet full of hope, joy and optimism.
""Music can remind patients that they are more than their illness … and what they might be when they are better."" Caerwen Martin and Stuart Greenbaum "
1. Bruerville: Dancing On Tiptoes 0:03:05
2. Greenbaum: The Rotation Of The Earth 0:04:40
3. Nicolas: We Won’t Let You Down 0:04:14
4. Grenfell: Knitting Unicorns 0:04:29
5. Hindson: Nothing Is Forever 0:05:54
6. Misson: Glow (Abridged) 0:04:42
7. Stanhope: Dancing On Clouds 0:04:47
8. Beaugeais: Like Snowdrops You Will Shine 0:05:45
9. Ledger: Daydream 0:03:48
10. Martin: Stars Come Out In A Midnight Sky 0:05:24
11. Kats-Chernin: Moon Feather Magic 0:04:26
12. Davies: Crystalline 0:04:56
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