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Decca Classics
RELEASE DATE: 29/12/2018
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"The Bocelli phenomenon, supported by huge sales of 90 million records, is unstoppable. Now for the first time, his ‘Classical’ albums are collected in one beautiful gold-foiled set, newly remastered, together with an entire disc of rarities and out-takes, including never before released material. The box includes the albums Viaggio Italiano; Aria: The Opera Album; Sacred Arias; Verdi; Sentimento; Incanto and of course, the new Rarities disc.
“Andrea is an operatic tenor with a voice of rare beauty. His sense of romance and melody goes beyond the very essence of Rodolfo the bohemian."" Franco Corelli"
1. No One Should Sleep (From the Opera "Turandot") (Puccini) - "CD 1" Viaggio Italiano 17
2. Federico's Mourning "Common Stories" (From Opera "Woman of Arles") (Tirea)
3. Musical Song (From Opera "Rigoletto") (Verdi)
4. Tears Unknown (From Opera 'Lovely Novelty') (Donizetti)
5. O · Sole · Mio (Di · Kapua)
6. Catharie "Tsunagi Heart" (Kardiro)
7. Far Away Santa Lucia (Mario)
8. I Want to Kiss You (Di Kapua)
9. You Who Does Not Cry (De Cruis)
10. Ocean Man (Gambar Della)
11. Fisherman of Puji Reco (Tariafeli)
12. Bocelli's Message
13. Come, Beloved Friends (Praise to the Child Jesus) (Tradition Song)
14. Ave · Maria (Schubert)
15. Angel's Bread (Frank)
16. Oh, My Father's Hand (From the Opera "MacBeth") (Verdi)
17. Pearl Pearl (From Opera "Pearl Taking") (Bizet)

1. This or Something (From "Rigoletto") - "CD 2" Aria - the Opera Album 17
2. Cold Hands (From "Boeem")
3. Odd Harmony (From Tosca)
4. Stars Are Sparkle (From "Tosca")
5. House of Love Good-Bye (From Butterfly Masters)
6. Like a Sunny Day in May (From Andrea Chenier)
7. My Lovely Otome, Love to You (From the "Puritans")
8. Armed to This Chest Too Hard (From 'Rose Knight')
9. This Feeling I Can Not Stop Loving (From "Fedora")
10. The Day of Freedom Coming Soon (From the "Daughter of the West")
11. Sora and the Sea (From "Joconda")
12. I Feel You the Kindness and Smile of My Mother (From Adriana Lukvuru)
13. Musette! - I Love You Unbearable Head "The Face I Love" (From "Boheme")
14. Tomb of My Ancestry Soon the Forgotten Grave (From Lucia)
15. Spring Breeze, Why Do You Look at Me "Ocean's Song" (From Wertel)
16. This Flower You Threw Was "Flower Song" (From "Carmen")
17. What a Fruitful Man! (From "Regal's Daughter")

1. Ave Maria (Kachi-Ni / Merkurio Version) - "CD 3" Sacred Arias
2. Holy Mary (Mascagni / Mercury)
3. Ave Maria (JS Bach / Gnot)
4. Ave · Maria (Schubert)
5. Angel's Bread (Frank)
6. It's Soul Sinking in Sorrow from "Starbat Mater" (Rossini)
7. We, Lament If We Miss - from "Requiem" (Verdi)
8. Ave · Velm · Corps (Mozart)
9. Angels - from "Wesnon Dunk 5 Songs" (Wagner)
10. Ombra My Foo - Opera "Serse" (Handel)
11. Have Mercy, Lord (Niedermeier / Reynolds)
12. From the Lord God - "Small Mass · Sollemnis" (Rossini)
13. Chorus of 13 Thousand Angels (Lullaby of Schubert) (Schubert / Mercury)
14. Silent This Night (Gruber / Mercury)
15. The Son of God Is Tonight (Come, Believe Tomoyo Tomoyo) (Traditional Song / Mercury)
16. Glory to You, Jesus Christ (A Hymn Celebrating the Millennium) (JP Reco)

1. The Horrible Fire of the Punishment Stand - Opera - "CD 4" Collection of Verdi · Aria
2. Oh My Beloved Person - Opera
3. Like a Feather in the Wind - Opera
4. Tell Me - Opera
5. If You Lose Forever - Opera
6. Cheek's Tears - Opera
7. The Power of Strong Love Orders Me - Opera
8. Clear Aida - Opera
9. Burning Heart - Opera
10. Oh, I Am Sorry - Opera
11. My Pleasure - Opera
12. Like the Dew That Was in the Wilted Flower - Opera
13. I Lost That Man / I Saw That Person, Then That Smile - Opera 14. At a Gentle Night - Opera
15. Leonora Like An Angel - Opera

1. Aranjuez (Rodrigo: "Aranjuez Concertos" from the Second Movement) - "CD 5" Sentiment
2. Songs in the Morning (Leon Cavallo)
3. Hoffman's Battle Song (Offenbach)
4. Akatsuki from the Light (Tusti)
5. Ai No Dream (List)
6. Serenata (Tusty)
7. The Last Song (Tusti)
8. Enchantment (Tusti)
9. Dancing (Rossini)
10. Ideal Woman (People) (Tusti)
11. Dream (Tusti)
12. Joy of Love (Martini)
13. Forbidden Music (Gastaldon)
14. Enchanted Eyes (Denza)
15. Cute Mouth (Tusti)
16. I Want to Die (Tusti) 17. You Are Something Already (Tusti)

1. So Much Big Love (Ferriri) Featuring Veronica Berti - "CD 6" Incanto 14
2. Soldiers in Love (Kanio)
3. Mama (Bishio)
4. I Want to Live Like This (Danzi)
5. Santa Lucy (Italian Folk Song)
6. Funikuri · Funikra (Denza)
7. Bico's (Darudoro)
8. Come to the Sea (Italian Folk Songs)
9. Granada (Lara)
10. It Was About 10 in May (Costa)
11. Marequiare (Tusti)
12. I Am Still Asleep (Author Unknown)
13. Wild Garden (De Cruis)
14. Pulitinella (Tarantella)

1. Amapola - "CD 7" Rare Sound Source Collection 12
2. Return to Sorrento
3. My Beloved Person
4. Guapparia (Califano)
5. You Are All in My Heart - Kiki Opera "The Country of Smile" (Rejar)
6. I Love You So Much (De Cortis)
7. Pe ' Na Canzone (Sergio Cirillo / Antonio Cascone)
8. O. Sole · Mio
9. When I Fall Asleep (List)
10. You Something Already (Tusti)
11. The Lamb of God (Bizet)
12. I Believe
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