Djarimirri - Child Of The Rainbow (2 LP)

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LABEL: Decca
RELEASE DATE: 13/11/2020
2 LP
Australia’s Most Important Voice” - Rolling Stone Australia

Over four years in the making – and completed just weeks before his passing in 2017 – Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) is Gurrumul’s final gift to the world. In an astounding musical achievement, Gurrumul combines traditional songs and chants from his ancestral Yolngu culture with hypnotic minimalist orchestral arrangements. Djarimirri brings together the highest forms of musical expression from both the Indigenous Australian and Western Art Music traditions. The album received four posthumous ARIA awards in 2018 – Best World Album, Best Male Artist, Best Independent Release and Best Cover Art.


Born blind, Gurrumul grew up as a member of the Gumatj clan on Elcho Island, off the coast of tropical North East Arnhemland. Gurrumul songs speak of identity, spirit and connection with the land, its elements and the ancestral beings he is related to. His fragile but uniquely emotive high tenor voice and aura-like persona elicits emotion, compassion and a feeling of peace and longing.

Dr G Yunupingu first came to attention when he released his eponymous debut to international claim. His angelic voice connected with fans worldwide including Elton John, and Sting. The debut album ‘Gurrumul’ has sold half a million copies worldwide, reaching Triple Platinum in Australia, his second solo album ‘Rrakala’ released in April 2011 has hit Platinum, and the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine declared Gurrumul

Gurrumul has performed for HRM The Queen of England, US President Barack Obama, Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, in addition to being one of only two Australian performers at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace.
1.Waak (Crow)
2.Galiku (Flag) in D-Flat Major
3.Ngarrpiya (Octopus) in A-Flat Major
4.Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) in E-Flat Major
5.Djolin (Musical Instrument) in D Major
6.Marrayarr (Flag) in F-Sharp Major
7.Gapu (Freshwater) in D Major
8.Djilawurr (Scrubfowl) in D Major
9.Baru (Saltwater Crocodile) in E-Flat Major
10.Gopuru (Tuna Swimming) in B-Flat Major
11.Djapana (Sunset) in A-Flat Major
12.Wulminda (Dark Clouds) in E-Flat Major
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