Roman Holiday

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RELEASE DATE: 13/11/2015
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Following on from André’s hit success – ‘Love in Venice’on CD and DVD, audiences and fans have been left asking for more Italy from André. In response, André ventures to the eternal city, Rome in his new CD Roman Holiday. The Italian capital is a dream destination for people around the world full of culture, music, great food, and stunning scenery, once having been the centre of the Western world.

Roman Holiday takes the listener on the journey though Italy’s rich musical history, from Operatic standards from ‘La Traviata’, to bombastic songs such as ‘A far l’amore’. Also included on Roman Holiday, world-famous melodies such as ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ from the hit movie ‘The Mission’ featuring Robert De Niro, and much more.

1. Mio angelo

2. Capriccio Italien

3. Gabriels Oboe

4. Felicitá

5. La Traviata

6. La solitudine

7. Humming Choir

8. L'Italiano (lasciatemi cantare)

9. Intermezzo sinfonico

10. Libiamo

11. Dinner - From "La Califfa"

12. A far l'amore comincia tu

13. Mattinata

14. Bella ciao

15. Gigi L'amoroso

16. Arrivederci Roma

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