Serenata Latina

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RELEASE DATE: 02/10/2020
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An Album with new, intimate arrangements for voice and harp of Latin American Songs.

Due to the cultural diversity, where indigenous, European and African influences meet, the Latin American countries poses one of the richest Lied repertoires of the world.

An abundance of variety in rhythm, melody and narrative forms comes together on this album of Mexican tenor Rolando Villazón accompanied by French star harpist Xavier de Maistre.

Serenata Latina is in a way a collage of sounds, where these different shapes of the Latin American canciones come to life in their sensually emotional essence:

Deep longing, somber facets of pain, melancholy, desire and loss dominate the very intimate color palette of this so beautifully heartfelt recording, however accompanied by vigorous life-affirming and dance-like pieces.

1. Julian Aguirre: Caminito

2. Alberto Nepomuceno: Coração triste

3. Yvette Souviron: Al banco solitario*

4. Anonymous: Spanish dance (harp solo)

5. Carlos Guastavino: Se equivocó la paloma

6. Carlos Guastavino: Violetas

7. Carlos Guastavino: La rosa y el sauce

8. Carlos Guastavino: Bailecito – (harp solo)

9. Eduardo Sanchez de Fuentes: Deseo*

10. Silvio Rodríguez: En estos dias*

11. Silvio Rodríguez: La vida

12. Luis Antonio Calvo: Gitana

13. Valdir Azevedo: Brasileirinho (harp solo)

14. Alberto Ginastera: Zamba

15. Alberto Ginastera: Triste

16. Alberto Ginastera: Chacarera

17. Alberto Ginastera: Canción al árbol del Olvido

18. Zequinha de Abreu: Tico Tico no Fubá – (harp solo)

19. Ariel Ramírez: Alfonsina y el mar

20. La llorona (Mexikan Folksong)

21. Ruben Fuentes Gasson: La Bikina

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