Sergei Babayan - Rachmaninov Recital

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RELEASE DATE: 07/08/2020
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A selection of lucid, intimate, and short-form Rachmaninoff works, interpreted with pinpoint technical precision.

“Music is born only in the heart and it appeals only to the heart; it is Love! The sister of Music is Poesy, and its mother is Sorrow!”
These are the words Sergei Rachmaninoff used to describe his concept of music.

Sergei Babayan’s interpretations of a selection of Rachmaninoff’s short-form jewels mirror this heartfelt sentiment while also showing his deep and unsentimental understanding of the music.
Next to the Études-Tableux, the Préludes and Moments Musicaux, the album contains enchanting, lyrical song transcriptions.

After the 2018 release of “Prokofiev for two” with Martha Argerich, this project shows Babayan’s essence as an extraordinarily skillful pianist.
Babayan is one of the leading pianists of our time, hailed for his emotional intensity, bold energy and remarkable levels of color.

Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873–1943)

1 Prélude in A flat major op. 23/8 3:09

As-Dur · Allegro vivace

2 Prélude in G sharp minor op. 32/12 2:41

gis-Moll · Allegro

3 Lilacs op. 21/5 3:02

Flieder · Non allegro

Transcribed for solo piano by the composer

4 Prélude in F minor op. 32/6 1:18

f-Moll · Allegro appassionato

5 Étude-Tableau in C minor op. 33/3 5:18

c-Moll · Grave

6 Étude-Tableau in C minor op. 39/1 3:12

c-Moll · Allegro agitato

7 Étude-Tableau in A minor op. 39/2 6:11

a-Moll · Lento assai

8 Prélude in B minor op. 32/10 6:44

h-Moll · Lento

9 Melody op. 21/9 3:57

Transcribed for solo piano by Arcadi Volodos

10 Morceau de fantaisie in G minor 0:52

Fantasiestück g-Moll · Allegro

11 Prélude in D major op. 23/4 4:54

D-Dur · Andante cantabile

12 Étude-Tableau in E flat minor op. 39/5 5:30

es-Moll · Appassionato

13 Andante 6:32

Movement III from Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor op. 19

Transcribed for solo piano by Arcadi Volodos

14 Moment musical in E flat minor op. 16/2 2:54

es-Moll · Allegretto

15 Moment musical in C major op. 16/6 5:01

C-Dur · Maestoso


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