Tales of Solace - Peaceful Piano Nocturnes

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LABEL: Decca
RELEASE DATE: 28/08/2020
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Stephan Moccio , acclaimed composer and producer forMiley Cyrus, Celine Dion, The Weeknd and Seal returns to his roots in classical composition and back to the instrument he knows best, the piano.

His classical upbringing and discipline combined with his pop-songwriting sensitivities gives him a unique edge in the piano music genre. It is why he has been recognised for his impeccable mastery of hand-crafted melody, arrangement, harmonic depth and a provocative pianistic touch.

Stephan’s new music explores some of life’s more profound themes: love, relationships and ageing. It is his ability to convey emotion without words that is so special: creating melodies that course through his emotive and delicately wrought compositions.

This new solo piano music is romantic, organic, raw and honest, revealing a more sensual and vulnerable side of this multi-faceted artist.

1. Il Était Une Fois
2. Fracture
3. Whitby
4. Sea Change
5. Thirteen
6. Lumière
7. Nostalgia
8. Nuit Blanche
9. Through Oscar's Eyes
10. Le Temps Qui Passe
11. Tu Me Manques
12. Solace
13. Ghosts
14. Burgundy
15. Freddie’s Theme
16. La Fille Aux Pouvoirs Magiques

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